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Founded in 2023, InGames actively crafts innovative gaming experiences that bring like-minded people together. Our team of passionate developers, product designers, and marketing professionals work together to create captivating worlds filled with story, freedom, and fun.

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At InGames, we believe that games are more than just entertainment — games are about telling stories and creating unforgettable experiences. We focus on developing cutting-edge, immersive games that empower players with creativity, fun, and passion.

Our ambition is to foster meaningful relationships through the power of games, bringing like-minded people together across the globe. That’s why we strive to be a source of creative expression, art, and inspiration for players and developers alike.


Our team at InGames boasts an impressive wealth of experience, coming together from all corners of the game development industry. From our CEO, Rami Ben Ahron, to our CFO Ron Shtalrid to our CPO, Eli Yanovski, all members are focused on one objective — providing the most innovative entertainment experience.


At InGames, a team of dedicated developers, game and product designers, and marketing professionals devote themselves to building worlds full of imaginative experiences and meaningful connections.


Last land hero

Last Land Hero

Take on the challenge of Last Land Hero and join L’akool Ordan in a daring journey across the lands. On his quest to save humanity from its darkest enemy, he will face monsters and bosses, traverse treacherous terrains and overcome obstacles with strategic strength and cunning tactics. Experience an epic story like no other as you join our hero in his mission to restore peace to the Last Land.

Bubble Topia


Challenge yourself with Bubble Shooter and join the marbles in an exciting journey across the board. Strategically match three or more of the same-colored marbles to clear the playing field before they reach the bottom line. Blast away to score maximum points and create powerful combos to break through obstacles and make your way up to higher difficulty levels.

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Blocktopia:  Match 2 Adventure

This tile-matching game is fast-paced and full of challenging levels, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Make your way through various stages by strategically matching blocks to clear the board while avoiding pitfalls and traps to advance.

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Tower Defence

Tower Defence

Join the fight against invading forces in Tower Defense! Defend your tower and protect your kingdom from relentless waves of enemies. Assemble your heroes and deploy them tactfully on the battlefield to create defensive lines, turrets, and armaments. Intense battles await you. Show off your strategy as you keep enemy forces at bay in Tower Defense.

last land hero

Last Land Hero Run

Step into the dark realm and experience a thrilling platformer adventure. Fight with Last Land Hero superpowers and collect coins while you fight enemies and avoid obstacles. Uncover hidden mysteries lurking in the shadows, and put your reflexes and agility to the test as you embark on your journey.

Greedy Leprechaun Roulette

Greedy Leprechaun Roulette

Welcome to the Greedy Leprechaun Roulette, the ultimate spinning wheel game that tests your luck and skills! In this free roulette game, the spinning wheel holds the key to your fortune. Spin it three times and watch as each symbol reveals its own price in coins. The total result is calculated by adding up the values from all three spins, determining your fate. 



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